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About Us

InnoSoft is Dedicated to Global Total Technology for Life™

InnoSoft, Inc. exists to advance the quality of personal health around the world through "True Predictive Health™." InnoSoft believes that predictive health should be accessible, less expensive, more efficient and be completely dedicated to keeping people healthy. InnoSoft's proprietary technology embraces physical, psychological, biometric and emotional factors leading to Total Technology for Life.

InnoSoft, Inc. was founded by James R. Voigt and maintains its corporate headquarters at the American Innovation Building at 1325 - 1327 Juniper Street in Cleveland, Wisconsin, USA. InnoSoft is a leader in applying technology to health-related solutions with an emphasis on mobile medical devices and App Development as the innovator of True Predictive Health™. We address this unique approach to the world's health needs through Mobile Health technology by incorporating software, hardware and telecommunications technologies into easy to navigate systems. InnoSoft is strategically positioned as a global company in the development of True Predictive Health™ Apps.