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Sun, 16 Dec 2012 11:33:40 GMT

InnoSoft enters into strategic partnership with NSE-IT

Mumbai, Dec 16 (PTI) The US-based InnoSoft Inc, a leading provider of IT services to commercial and government IT projects, has entered into a strategic technology partnership with NSE-IT Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange.

"InnoSoft and NSE-IT are currently developing an innovative national remote healthcare (NRH) management system.

"The framework is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2013 with a series of additional initiatives to follow," InnoSoft Vice-President Jordan Kimmel told PTI here.

The advanced capabilities of both companies are being combined to encompass all aspects of software and hardware development on a global scale.

"This is an exciting new joint initiative that allows both the companies to flourish on an international scale," InnoSoft Chief Executive James Voigt said.

The NRH features high performance technology to enhance the user experience and help deliver superior and more cost effective health care, Kimmel said.

The healthcare management system is a multi-billion dollar industry and the company is looking at tapping the US, Russian and Indian markets, Kimmel said.

"With InnoSoft''s creativity, high value solutions orientation and leadership vision, we are confident that our solutions will add tremendous value for customers globally," NSE-IT President V S Kumar said.

InnoSoft consulting services include business and technology strategy, systems architecture and integration solutions, database management services and managed services.

The company recently came up with a new technology called ''true predictive health''. It will utilise proprietary technologies in the form of highly specialised ''apps'' for mobile devices and cloud-based main frame computer devices.

The new partnership with NSE-IT will create a formidable team which will help advance their developments in technology, Kimmel said, adding it will be offered to doctors and mobile enterprises.

InnoSoft also plans to expand into mobile healthcare apps, mobile health devices and cloud-based true predictive health systems.

InnoSoft also plans to list on the NSE in the next two to three years, Kimmel added.

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