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I understand by submitting a mobile App idea it is not a release and that this information cannot be used, disclosed or sold without my express written permission. I also understand that all InnoSoft, Inc. employees are required to sign an ethics and confidentiality agreement for my protection. To the best of my knowledge, I am the original inventor of the mobile App idea submitted. I hereby authorize InnoSoft, Inc. to provide me with a preliminary discussion about my App ideas at no cost and with no investment on behalf of InnoSoft, Inc. or any purchase requirements. In addition, I acknowledge the following:

  1. InnoSoft, Inc. may be working on the same or a similar mobile App development, or it may already know of such an App idea from other sources. InnoSoft is unlikely to develop Apps where the ownership of the App is in dispute.
  2. Other unknown parties may have inventented the same App idea prior to yours.
  3. The burden of proof on when the idea was first originated is on the idea submitter.

Upon review, we will determine if your idea;

  1. Is a strategic fit for our company's direction.
  2. And represents a concept that has not already been considered by InnoSoft, Inc.
  3. Is not readily available at mobile apps stores.

Submit Idea

Your Rights;

You may have proprietary rights in your new mobile App idea, and you should protect it through patents, copyrights, or otherwise. You should consult your own lawyer, and take whatever steps are necessary to protect your idea BEFORE you submit your idea to InnoSoft, Inc. It is InnoSoft, Inc.'s policy that we do not enter into a confidentiality arrangement with you as we have an active R&D program that is most likely creating ideas in the similar area of invention you submitted. However, for certain software application developments we may consider assisting you in protecting you idea and signing the necessary agreements. The terms and agreement would be determined on a case-by-case basis.

By signing below, I signify that I understand that InnoSoft, Inc. does not promise any financial gain from development of any new product idea and I freely submit my idea for review.


Date: Oct 17, 2017

* I have read and understand the agreement outlined above.

iphone, tablet application development or Mobile Medical App partnership submission Form:

Please submit the following Information:

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Please provide us with as much information as is available. Some of the details requested may not apply to a newly formulated App idea.

Description of the App or Mobile Medical Device & the Problem it is Addressing:
Do you know the potential market size? Provide some market data, if available.
Competitive Advantage:
What are the current and anticipated solutions to the problem, i.e., what are the current competitors doing? How do you compare to the competition, what are your competitive advantages? What are the barriers to entry?
Technology Platform:
Describe the primary technology and what is needed to be done to develop the intellectual property position further. Do you have IP protected i.e. a patent or options? Was a university or corporate employee involved or resources used in the creation of the technology?
Development Activities:
What is the status of the development of the product or service? What are the key milestones that are required for the development of the product or service? Do you have any strategic partners?
How will the idea generate revenue? Describe your marketing and sales strategy for capturing and defending significant market share. What are your profit expectations?
Development Team:
Describe briefly the role of current participants and give their relevant background to their ongoing involvement in the product development. List any credentials you feel may assistance in understanding the project.

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