Innosoft - Light Speed Mobile Apps

Management Team

James R. Voigt, CEO & President, is an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur whose career spans more than 40 years. His accomplishments include:
  • Honored by Russia for International Peace with Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev
  • Founder of Innovation Computer Corporation
  • Advisor for Fortune 500 Corporations; McDonald's, AT & T & Miller Brewing
  • Only person licensed by the U.S. Government to sell personal computers to U.S.S.R.
  • Installed computers and software aboard the International and Mir Space Stations
  • Inventor of the Stealth Computer, Winner of the Governor of Wisconsin's New Product Award
  • Inventor of the Innovation Main Frame PC
  • Inventor of the Sound Card for PCs
  • Inventor of the Color Graphics Card for PCs
  • Inventor of Hi-Tech Night Vision Devices
  • Inventor of Unique Generator Devices

Michael Musiel, Chief Technology Officer, has 30 years experience in the Electronics Field in Hardware and Software Design. Mr. Musiel's achievements include:
  • Holder of 11 Hi-Tech patents
  • Design Team Member for Vadem Clio , used on the International Space Station
  • R & D for U.S. Robotics, Engineered Systems, Inc., Darome Teleconferencing (Later Teleconferencing Technologies), Dowslake Microsystems, Vadem & K.W. Muth Company
  • Technician at Motorola & Teledyne
  • Engineer for Zenith
  • Significant role in the invention of Internet VOIP Telephony
  • Practicing Paramedic

Thomas S. Culver, Chief Financial Officer, is a 20- year veteran in investment banking. Mr. Culver's achievements include:
  • Past Chief Financial Officer for NASD member firm
  • Held SEC Securities Licenses 6, 7, 24, 27, 53 & 63
  • Executed multiple venture capital investments while never losing investment capital

InnoSoft, Inc. Chief Advisors

David Troup is a successful entrepreneur and Technologist. Mr. Troup is:
  • Entrepreneur and Founder of DMI Studios, Hostmail, MailFoundry and Xensr
  • DMI Studios- Top developer of fortune 500 web sites, apps and online marketing including the Green Bay Packers
  • Hostmail and MailFoundry - Email technologies providers for enterprise email and threat management
  • Xensr - Consumer sports 3D motion tracking products

Ritika Hiranandani is a business development specialist who maintains offices in New York, Dallas and Mumbai. Ms. Hiranandani's achievements include:
  • Entrepreneur specializing in business development and corporate finance
  • Venture funding, guiding marketing and sales strategies
  • Development of international partnerships with India
  • International Start-up Services Consultant
  • Expert on Technology Development/Project Coordination